Our Washers

Maytag 14 lb Top Loader

Perfect for your average loads. Has multiple settings to adapt to different colors or materials.

Maytag 18 lb Neptune

Has a “super” option for $3.25, which gives a 3 minute extra wash, rinse, and warm rinse.

Dexter 20 lb Front Loader

Recent addition to Bayfield Family Laundry’s washers. $3.00 for cold wash, $3.50 for hot.

Dexter Maxi Load 40 lb

Perfect for that extra-large load or blanket you have been waiting to wash. Pod compatible!

Dexter Maxi Load 60 lb

Our largest washer, located in the back of the laundromat. Great for your heaviest load or largest blanket.

Our Dryers

ADC 20 lbs
$0.25 for 6 minutes

Perfect for drying your average loads.

ADC 30 lbs
$o.25 for 6 minutes

Accommodates for slightly larger loads.

Speed Queen 50 lbs
$0.25 for 4 minutes

Extra large dryer for up to 50 lb loads.